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Beylerbeyi Profiterol

This is the story of an ambitious taste journey... A journey in which we are proud of our Past and we have begun to work with the same enthusiasm and desire in the first lights of day and ended our work with a sweet tiredness at moonrise for a quarter of a century.

The exaltation we experienced when we hanged our first signboard, the smile that we had when our first client came, the happiness we experienced when we heard the first “God bless your hands” expression, will always remain as feelings which will make us continue our work in a more dedicated manner.

We, as Beylerbeyi Profiterol, are proud of leaving a sweet trace in your lives from your most ordinary moments to your most special moments.

The little happinesses we have provided for your esteemed side denote the greatest happiness to us.

What is offered on the menu of Beylerbeyi Profiterol?


First and foremost, we offer Profiterole which is also specified in our brand... Having Profiterole denotes having a sweet moment, a personal escapade, a joyful chat among two people, a pleasant moment during the visit of loved ones and briefly the name of the most fabulous dessert.

Our company has set sail for this sweet journey simply because making your esteemed side happy delights us...

Profiterole with sauces each more delicious than the other, fabulous cream and choux pastry with its consistency of Turkish delight, Dozens of éclair varieties made of original fruits, Milk pudding varieties which are a tradition of centuries, Refreshing ice creams with their rich varieties, Su Böreği (pasta prepared with cheese and parsley) to experience a fabulous taste in the morning...

And preparation and presentation of all of them with exclusive and natural products...

1995 since
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