About Us

Beylerbeyi Profiterol

Our company, Beylerbeyi Profiterol, was established a quarter century ago. Our family, having handed the secrets of the amazing flavors invented by us down from generation to generation, took the first steps for making the Beylerbeyi Profiterol name a brand and providing access to everybody in 1995. Subsequently, we opened our 2nd branch in 2001 and commenced to realize our growth targets.

Upon the positive feedback received from the branches we opened with the target of branding, we took a further step and enlarged our manufacturing facility by opening a factory in order to increase our production capacity. As our production capacity is increased, we achieved to provide access to more people while our brand awareness also increased which led to increase in the synergy of Beylerbeyi Profiterol family. Subsequently, we began to supply our products to official institutions, chain stores and catering companies in addition to our branches upon intensive requests.

Our company introduced the concept of “Profiterole seller” to the patisserie sector thanks to the increase in the number of our branches in a short time. Our company, having desired the continuation of our achievements in Istanbul in every region of Turkey, opened branches also in Konya and Amasya provinces and currently we continue our works with an eye to open a branch also in every province of our country. . Our brand, having started to give franchise upon intensive requests from investors, continues to work on the establishment of regional production facilities, especially in Izmir and Ankara provinces. Moreover, we have accelerated our works in the international field again upon requests and started to targets to operate internationally.

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